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"The city of dreams" San Diego Padres franchise

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  • "The city of dreams" San Diego Padres franchise

    I am creating a San Diego Padres franchise to 'rebuild' their team. My number one goal on the year is to win the World Series (the first for the Padres). But, because its boring to only have a few baseline challenges, I created some for myself. Here they are!

    ​1st half goal: Be over .500 before the all-star break.
    ​2nd half goal: Clinch or make the wild-card.
    ​Season goal: Win the first World Series for the Padres.
    ​Season goal (#2): If not win, at-least MAKE IT to the world series.

    ​I intend on playing for one in-game year (NO SIMULATION)

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    I wish you the best of luck... very young club with a lot of great talent... what will your posting schedule be like?