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Tips from your scouts, minor league coaches, and assistant coaches

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  • Tips from your scouts, minor league coaches, and assistant coaches

    I believe in MLB the Show Franchise they should dive deeper into getting information from the scouts and other coaches. Like the minor league coach give you information on what he believes you should train the players on to help them improve or who he thinks is ready for the next level. Your assistant coach or pitching coach give advice on what type of pitchers fit his system or adding/dropping a pitch. Or something as simple as i think we should put him back to the minors or cut this player. maybe have your assistant rate a trade proposal... or even put a scout to watch potential trade target and get their input.

    Some side notes start putting in players personality like team leader, distraction, or mentor. Have the progression screen progress players more realistically. Like let players get big bumps in overall for the players who have a real break out year.

    It would also be awesome to do multiple team trades or even trade for cash. Even do trades where you can pay a portion of the player you are trading away salary so you can do a trade with a team that has limited money.

    Just a few ideas. I must also state that I love all the continued progression for MLB The Show and what you all do to make such an amazing game. Sorry this was longer than I thought, but I have a ton of ideas.