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    I'm primarily an offline franchise player of these games, and I've been thinking of ways that would improve this mode. I know I'm probably not the first to throw out ideas, and this idea I'm sure has been tossed around before but why not give the players more power in how a player progresses.

    For example say you have an aging player, we will say around 32, where regression is more likely than progression. You guys claim that progression is performance based but I don't completely buy that. Say this said player wins a Silver Slugger for their performance for the year. Why not give the user 5-10 points that they can put into BATTING attributes as they see fit as a reward for this achievement.

    The same could be said for fielding. If you win a Gold Glove (I have yet to win a Gold Glove ever in Franchise mode), they get the same perks towards the fielding categories.

    Of course this leaves out things like baserunning, but that wouldn't be logical anyhow since things such as speed don't get better as you get older. But allowing a player to age more gracefully at the plate seems completely logical. And being able to put points into these categories in which they are excelling makes sense to me, plus you HAVE to perform to get these perks.

    I think it is a logical idea, and I apologize if I'm treading on a topic that has been discussed. After so many years of this franchise's existence I would not doubt that this has been brought up as a plausible idea.

    Thanks for reading.