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  • 2017 Online Franchise Wishlist

    I'm not 100% sure if it's ok to post this here, but I couldn't find anywhere else where this topic was discussed so here it goes...

    Right now our league is in our 5th season going on 6th. We've experienced many ups and downs and I think it's time to go over some of this.

    ***Updated... In several leagues going on lots of seasons....

    Problems that need fixing


    Thanks LAZYTRIBE for mentioning this....

    I'm currently in a league with 30 guys and each season the schedule is exactly the same. For some people that's a huge deal because they have a super hard or weak schedule not just 1 year but every season. People leave the league because of this.

    - Finding active players

    Currently the best way we have found players is not through the classifieds. Those players usually join for a week and leave. They are also players that tend to release their entire roster before quitting.

    *Suggestion - Some sort of ranking system that makes it easier to find active players. I now you're able to find commissioners ratings, but what about rating just normal players too so we can see how others have rated their experience with them.

    - Finding active leagues

    Currently you have this page active;

    Although there is no way to search for active leagues or sort the lists.

    * Suggestion - I think if you allowed people to do that or perhaps create a league page where players could see the league rules, that would be awesome.

    - Contracts/Salary

    This is broken. When you take a major league player and move them to AAA, their contracts turn to a 1 year deal and it reduces the amount of the salary

    Last year we had a guy sign the 3 biggest FA's with 15 year max deals only to send them down to AAA to get their contracts removed which is unfair.

    *Suggestion, remove this.

    - Allow commissioners more control

    When someone gets mad for whatever reason, they like to release all of their players and quit the league.

    *Suggestion allow commissioner to resign the players at whatever price they want for those teams.

    - Scouting

    As the years go on, there are no blue chip players that are available for everyone to see.

    *Suggestion - Bring this back so the worst teams in the league get a good player to draft to begin

    - Resetting games

    This used to take a full night to do but it has gotten better.

    ***updated... this seems to have gotten fixed



    This is probably the most annoying thing going on in gameplay right now. Major League Players are dropping infield popups and outfielders are getting hit in the face with fly balls and getting injured!

    *Suggestion - FIX THIS.... I don't know what formula you use for gameplay/errors but Major Leaguers tend to only make errors on plays that are slightly more difficult so make those the ones they commit errors on.

    Stat tracking
    In all my leagues a common argument is how "lucky" a player was with how hard they hit the ball compared to their opponent.

    *Suggestion - Create a statistic for this so you can see if your opponent outplayed you by letting us know who made more good contact versus poor contact.


    - League play using your DD team

    How cool would it be if you could create a round-robin league just using your diamond dynasty team. You wouldn't have to worry about signing contracts and if you wanted a better team for your league, you could go play DD for awhile. Really simple.

    - Add salary cap

    Allow a league setting where all teams have equal payroll. It's tough to find replacements for teams like the Oakland Athletics when their payroll is so horrible.

    - Transfer over commish rating from 16 to 17

    This would be helpful for getting started in 2017.

    - Player Progression

    Right now player progression is dependent on a players potential rating. Well, this doesn't always make the most sense since you have highly touted prospects that end up flopping, and you have some guys come out of nowhere to become MLB stars.

    *Suggestion - Allow progression to also come from players performance from on the field. If a player receives playing time and does well, let them progress faster. If a player sits on the bench, let them progress at a slower rate. This happens all the time in the majors where they will send a young player down to AAA to get at-bats instead of sitting on the bench in the Majors.

    - Player Regression

    Older players are regressing too fast. David Ortiz is a great example of this. Granted he is also a freak player but maybe have a setting that not all players regress at the same rate?

    *Suggestion - Take a hard look at what statistics you're slowing down. Speed, Durability, Throwing Power are all good examples of things that should regress the way they are now. Contact/Clutch/Bunting stuff like that could actually still get better or slow down as time goes on.

    ***Bonus suggestion - Make it random. Some players like Nolan Ryan and David Ortiz are crazy good even though they are old. So maybe allow it to be random on which players decline and at what rank.

    - Scouting

    This is where you could bring MLB the show 2017 into a whole new level. Right now, it's not realistic.

    *Suggestion - Make it realistic. Sit down with a scout and discuss how they go about their day and actually scout players and integrate that into the game.

    There are always "super hyped" players that are no doubters to pick up. Bryce Harper, Stephen Strasburg, Joe Mauer, Carlos Correa, players like that are obvious #1 and #2 picks. They shouldn't have to be "looked for" in the game. Give them to the teams as fully scouted.

    **Suggestion - There is basically no discovery anymore when it comes to drafting. For goodness sakes, you can get a mock draft of the baseball draft class off ESPN, CBS, RotoWorld. There is no secret on who is available to draft so why is it a secret on the show? Scouts don't need to discover. If a good player exists, 9/10 times the world already knows about it.

    Instead, give us 90% of the draft class and if a general manager CHOOSES to discover more talent INTERNATIONALLY, let that happen by spending scouting points or whatever doing that. In real life, the Pittsburg Pirates are an amazing example of this in real life. They chose to scout hard in South America where they were able to find players like Polonco and Marte.

    - Free Agent signing

    Right now, this is all about money it seems like. Whoever offers the most, gets the contract. This is true in real life I would say 90% of the time.

    * Suggestion The off-mode franchise mode does it better by integrating playing time, playing for a winner into the decision as well. Veterans that have never made it to the playoffs or won a WS typically would like to move to a team that will do that unless a ridiculous contract is offered.

    Anyways, I have a few more ideas but I'll keep them to myself or maybe edit this post as I think of more. Feel free to reach out to me if you wish me to expand anymore on the subject. I feel like online franchise mode may not be the most popular mode, but I find it to be the most fun. Being able to check out your statistics from year to year is really fun! So thanks for doing it!

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    These are great ideas. I've been trying to brainstorm on some ideas on what isn't in the game that's already in the real MLB. Maybe if during the season a manager gets fired, we should be able to do the same like LIVE Rosters to make them as accurate as possible. Also maybe if you're playing a franchise or season and a trade happens in the real MLB, without having to start a the franchise or season over, we should be able to have to the option to chose to update rosters with the real MLB Rosters. Also Madden has an option where in the league you play against the cpu if there's no human player available for that team, maybe do something similar with the leagues for MLB The Show. This way it keeps the flow of the league going without stalling to find a replacement owner for that team. These are just some of my thoughts. I love MLB The Show, I just got to play them. They're that much fun to me.


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      ps3 version


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        - League play using your DD team

        How cool would it be if you could create a round-robin league just using your diamond dynasty team. You wouldn't have to worry about signing contracts and if you wanted a better team for your league, you could go play DD for awhile. Really simple.

        ^why none of the ultimate team/dd modes out there havent figured this out yet is beyond me. I tried running a dd league this year on a trial basis and it was a hit. The problem was stat tracking/reporting game results ultimately. DD is great for guys who just wanna play ball and bypass all the grind of connected franchises.

        - Add salary cap

        Allow a league setting where all teams have equal payroll. It's tough to find replacements for teams like the Oakland Athletics when their payroll is so horrible.

        A good idea indeed however i think instead of salary cap you go with card types. For example a bronze league, silver league etc. This would just sell more cards and after all thats what its all about right?


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          Here are some other things : Different schedule every new season for divisional play (everytime a new season starts on divisional format the schedule stays the same) a list of the players you scouted during season(when your drafting unless you wrote them down you wont see a list of them anywhere during draft)Cpu offers contracts for you everytime you advance a round in free agency (if you do not remove offers they will be signed cause cpu offered for you)Retired players stats show up in league leader board(we are 3 seasons in and big papi and others are still showing up) i feel like these are all correctable things to fix hope they do


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            All very valid points, definitely need to do something about users dropping their entire team, other sports games have a "cannot cut player" option, would love to see that in 2017.


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              There are way too many players that throw near 100mph after the league goes multiple seasons. (Pitcher velocity should decrease after they get older)

              Under franchise events, when you go to game history, you used to see the game history of all players in your league, this year you only see your own personal game history, can you bring back all games for the franchise you are in?

              on the schedule, you used to be able to see who is currently playing a game (ON-G) it didnt work this year.

              Box scores need fixing. Box scores on the website do not match box scores on the ps4.