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Spotify and Sounds of the show/ Menu Colors

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  • Spotify and Sounds of the show/ Menu Colors

    First with spotify, with it being on playstation for along time now it seems like it would make sense to use it through sounds of the show.
    Ramone had said on the gamespot interview SOS has been worked on "AND SOME OTHER STUFF" hoping this is what hes alluding to. MP3's are dead these days, everything is turning to streaming.

    Second, every 2-3 years they change the menu colors and fonts, including this season with royal blue and yellow. While I have no idea how much it would take but... wouldnt it be nice if we chose our favorite team lets just say the Mariners, than from that point on the menu colors would be Navy, turqiose and white. You start a season or franchise with the Orioles than it changes to Orange black and white etc...
    It seems like a small addition that would make it feel fresh all the time every year.