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    I wouldn't say it's cursed Saints, but I think there is maybe some sort of underdog algorithm that keeps it closer later in games. May have something to do with the rating of who you get matched up with because to me it's not every single game, just maybe once in every 10 games. And usually it's a guy I'm matched up with that has a lesser lineup or rotation.
    I'd understand a momentum type thing like College football games back in the day used to have for home field advantage at say Nebraska, Bama or Clemson, but there's never been any mention of it in The Show to my knowledge so who knows.
    About the only time I get really mad about it anymore is when it happens in Cheese Royale. Just finished the league and my last rookie-prime challenge last night so I'm much more mellow when it comes to a garbage time error. Time to just play ball finally instead of focusing on missions..