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Does catching ability affect pitching performance?

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  • Does catching ability affect pitching performance?

    In Show 2016 for PS4, do catcher ratings affect your ability to pitch? I've put non catchers like 2nd basemen and outfielders at catcher, players with horrible catcher ratings, and I don't know much of a difference. I guess they drop the ball a few more times, but their ability to call the game seems to be about the same. When asking the catcher for a pitching suggestion, does catching ability affect the quality of that decision, IE location, selection?

    If there's no significant difference between catchers and non-catchers, then why not just put a guy like Mike Trout at catcher?
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    No, it doesn't aside from the fact their blocking and throwing will suck.


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      Catcher A.I would be nice, the longer a catcher has been in the league the better the game called. Connect the A.I to the API.


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        It would be pretty bad.