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MLB The Show 17: Gameplay Changes Explained

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  • MLB The Show 17: Gameplay Changes Explained

    MLB The Show 17 designer Ramone Russell stops by to show off the upgrades made to the core gameplay for this year's edition of the baseball sim.

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    If everything he said holds up, I will be much happier with 17.

    Nothing made me more furious than watching the SS take his sweet time with a speedster running down the line and be safe.
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      5 runs in the first inning without a single hit coming off of good timing ... I hope that is just because it was on rookie. The very first swing of the video, that foul ball goes entirely too far for late timing on an inside fastball. Man, I hope that the inside out HR is fixed this go round.


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        Watching that low and in swing where he pulls it over the right fielder's head made me sick. If the game is on rookie, that still shouldn't result in a hit. I would prefer that it break your bat on rookie but be foul (as should be the best case scanario in that instance). I would like to know how they derive the different difficulties. Do they boost player stats, open up the timing window, etc...?