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Anyone else hoping for a 2 man booth and 1 field reporter?

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  • Anyone else hoping for a 2 man booth and 1 field reporter?

    Three's a crowd, They have tried this for so long and it just doesnt flow with baseball well. There are plenty of other issues with commentary but this could be a good place to start.
    How many times did Matt say what do u think E.K. (Karros) it was corny wouldnt it be better if it were
    "what are you looking for tonight"
    "I think blah blah blah"
    Im just nitpicking here I realize, but its just been really bad for along time.

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    Yeah, theres too much talking.


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      You can always go to the setting and turn one of the announcers off. They need to fix the way they do that part of the game. its get tiring hearing the same stuff over and over. i remember when 2k had their baseball game. it was horrible but the announcing was great. Madden even updates their commentary through out the year.


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        I do, I have Eric's volume up for home games and Steve for the away games.but theres another reason to want on field reporter and thats realism, every network doing baseball that I've watched has one.