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    What hitting view do the best players use or which one is most popular? I find that Strike Zone and Fish Eye are the two best but both have their strengths and weaknesses.

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    I use a modified version of (I believe) The Show 15 camera. Mine is more zoomed in, and centered, so there is as much distance above and below the strike zone. Basically, I think it is about where the catchers eyes would be.

    My game is not up right now, but I will take a screenshot later when it is, and send it in. I also like 'Strike Zone', but again, I edit it so the above and below the strike zone are just about the same.

    I like Fish-eye, and the other that is close to it, feels like you are in there against FAST pitching guys (which the MLB is full of), but I have trouble with low pitches, and the timing just is off a bit. LOVE the view, seeing all the way down the lines, but it is a bit far back removed from what I like.

    I can absolutely say the best player on this particular PS4 uses those 'Show 15/Strike Zone' views. First is main view, and during a second made-up player league where I use Fast Counts, I like to go Strike Zone for a little change-of-pace.


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      1st one is "The Show 15" modified and used in MLB 16 as my default

      2nd one is "Strike Zone" modified and used for Quick Counts games

      clicking the versions below allow you to see larger size, I don't understand why both are not the same size here once you click on them (they sure are in my game...weird).
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