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Question for Veterans of The Show & Multiple season players

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  • Question for Veterans of The Show & Multiple season players

    I started playing The Show 16 last year and absolutely loved it ... I remember reading up on the game before my purchase last year but at the time I didn't understand much of what I was reading as I hadn't ever played the game and didn't even know what Diamond Dynasty meant. I am reaching out to the community this year in preparation for the new release that I am sure everyone is waiting for just like myself. What I want to know is the following ...

    1. Is there anything I need to do with my MLB The Show 16 that can transfer to the new release for 2017? I remember reading that people were spending stubs as this will not transfer but I am unsure what it was being spent on ? Do I use my stubs to buy players? What actually will transfer if anything to the new version ? If I pre-order and get the 11k stubs I'd like to use them wisely.

    2. Will the time that I spent building up my created player transfer to the new version? I am pretty sure I read that I can transfer him but do the stats stay ?

    3. If there is anything that anyone can think of that I should do in the MLB The Show 16 game before the release of the 17 version I would appreciate any advice if it will help for the new release.

    - Thank you for any responses in advance .. I appreciate the time anyone spends responding to my post.

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    offline franchise/RTTS saves can be transferred. Stubs and anything DD cannot.


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      I play pretty much just Franchise/Season (offline), but I can tell you that those transfer almost seamlessly. The only thing that changes is particular players, they all reset to default values on things like their equipment. If SDS lost the rights to a player, that player also will not transfer, and you get a generic player (with same stats, though) as a replacement. Kind of odd, but happened last year (from 14 to 15, and 15 to 16).

      I also CANNOT STAND pajama pants. I changed every player in the game to stirups or high socks, take tar off helmets (it just looks bad)...and UNBELIEVABLY, I had to go back in and edit those things again to all SDS created players. Kind of unreal they would do that, purposefully reset all players paraphernalia, but they do.

      I had a fantasy draft in MLB 14 of the Red Sox, and transferred it to 15. I had a player who was a pitcher and young, and apparently he didn't play that year in real life. When I transferred the league, he was same stats, but somebody named Frank Scott or something. That player is back in the big leagues now (tommy john maybe?), but I transferred that franchise from 15 to 16 also, and he is the same other guy they changed him to.

      Those are the only two thing I can think of.


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        Originally posted by cdotcizzle View Post
        offline franchise/RTTS saves can be transferred. Stubs and anything DD cannot.
        I remember last year players were using their stubs to buy something that would allow them to transfer to the new game ... I am not sure what it was but I am certain I remember reading about how everyone was doing this so the stubs would at least translate into something that would be beneficial to the new game. I would imagine this has to be fairly popular of a tactic since there are many people I would think who have plenty of stubs on the old game.
        Last edited by ANGONAR; 03-02-2017, 04:16 PM. Reason: Could it possibly have been to use on upgrading your player stats? Do the stats on your created player move with you? If so, that would be a good way to burn your stubs before the new game hits


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          This is my fist year playing the show also. From what I can tell the only things that transfer are your RTTS player and Franchises. You can use stubs to increase your Franchise budget and you can use stubs to increase your RTTS players attributes. Then you can transfer the RTTS player or your Franchise to the 2017 game. I could be wrong but I think these are the only ways to not completely "waste" extra stubs you have from 16. As far as I know your create a player from DD will not transfer at all. Neither will your DD players that you have unlocked/purchased/packed. Like I said, first year playing so I could be totally wrong, but this is how I understand it to work.