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Any updates on real city cutscenes?

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  • Any updates on real city cutscenes?

    Has anyone heard anything on these? They were implemented last year for the first time I believe, theyre a nice touch but majority of them are grainy video and none have any views from outside of the ballparks... I'd love to see some HD clips during the games this year.

    For the future it would be cool if it were something relating to the team. A random example would be a driver of one of those street train things in San Francisco with a giants hat on giving a wave or thumbs up, or fans outside of the ballparks taking in festivities held on by the team like when the street gets shutdown in pittsburgh or boston, or the famous tailgating in Milwaukee.
    Im aware somethings could need approval after taping, but it would be a cool idea going forward to give us a feeling of different cities just from 5-10 second clips showing traditions etc...