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    I hope im making this in the right section (Im New) i looked through to make sure this wasnt asked before but i pre ordered the show 17 on ps4 and none of the themes showed up i know last year the avatars were available at pre order and 15 the themes were too! I contacted playstation and tried to ask them if they come out at launch and they didnt know and said to contact the developer so here i am now! Any help would be appreciated!

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    i preordered from gamestop last year and this.last year the code for the themes was on the receipt with the other codes.and i expect it will be this year as well

    edit:when picking the game up


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      if you do digital the themes won't appear until the game predownloads I believe but might not be available until Tuesday the 28th when game unlocks... I'm not sure actually as I had issues with my preorder content last year... crossing my fingers that things go smoother this year although they did a great job getting everyone their stuff


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        Thank you for the feedback! i preordered digitally so hopefully i get them when it autofownloads!