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    Just curious how it works with rosters. If someone is in spring training, will they then be in the game? Just curious if people like gurriel and vladdy jr (both on the Jays) will be in the game. They were both too international signings.

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    IIRC, they have to be a member of the Players' Association to be included.


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      It seems a bit silly, but apparantly the way it works is they HAVE TO play at least one official MLB game as a member of the roster to be included. I know he is a manager and not a player, but when Francona took over the Indians, he was not included in the Indians as the manager until he took over one game in real life as the manager. Same for players. Anyone who has not played a major league game in order to be officially included will not be in the game to start.

      That is why so many fall in love with those "opening day" rosters that are made accurately by fans at OS, because they already have all the players in throughout all the minors. Good guys working on them, shame it goes through that evil place.

      I don't know how or who negotiated these contracts (player likeness, uniforms, style guides, classic/minor league stadiums) for SDS, but they really seem to get a raw deal on several aspects of what they can do.


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        I wish they would at least put first-round draft picks in the game, whether they're on the major league roster or not when the year begins.


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          Ramone Russell has said many times that they only have contracts with MLB and the MLBPA, so anyone not on a major league roster for a major league game can never be included. Terry Francona has been in baseball since I've been a kid, but they had to wait for the first roster update to make him manager of the Indians because it wasn't official when the game came out (official in that he still had not taken the field as the Indian's manager).

          Seriously, I really wonder why they have such badly negotiated things (the players in-game, the style-guide nonsense, classic ballparks). I would think MLB would want to promote their sport any way they could, not hamper SDS at so many opportunities to make this incredible game that much more incredible.

          Then again, to get a true "official" jersey from is something like $300. C'mon, in reality it should be $30-$50 max. The greed gets me sometimes...


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            They also take players out. I had a fantasy draft from about 3 years ago that was Boston, and I had a 5th starter kind of pitcher. The next game was the first year to year saves, and so I transferred my franchise, and this player was not on a MLB roster the year before in the real world(injury), so it was turned into a fictional character with the same stats. Generic picture, random name...very odd. He did pitch in the majors that year in real life, but the next year when I changed the franchise over to the new game, he was still the fictional character and had not changed back to who he really is.

            To me, that is some SILLY (silly) stuff!