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OMG...TB Devil Rays (Negro League Stars) to the World Series!

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  • OMG...TB Devil Rays (Negro League Stars) to the World Series!

    I've mentioned it a few times, but sometime last summer/fall I started a "Legends" Franchise. The best-of-the-best for all teams. Obviously, I thought the Yankees would be in the mix just because of the unmatched talent they have had over the years (I am not a Yankee fan, per se, but there is not doubt about what they have had).

    I took a team of Negro League Stars on the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. It was incredible. Season ended with me 99 W, the Yanks 98. Chicago was the other wild card team, and I used Chicago to try and kill the Yanks, but they won anyway.

    I then dispatched them in 4 games (2 wins, a loss, and then the final win). I was quite shocked, as through the regular season, they beat me along the lines of 12 of 18 games or so. We got much better towards the end, but at one point I think I was 2 and 7 against them. I couldn't believe it, but several players had a bad series. DiMaggio had 1 hit (a HR), Ruth, the league MVP hit in the mid-.200's, the pitching wasn't that great for them, and Gehrig & Berra were the only 2 on-fire. Lazzerri and Jeter got some big-big hits, but it wasn't much of a challenge from the Bombers, overall.

    The Twins, meanwhile, dispatched the Angels. All season, as I watched stats, it seemed that Minnesota had the best pitching overall. Walter Johnson and Johan Santana being the top 2 guys, and Aguilera bolstering a very good pen.

    The ALCS, which I just finished, was unreal. Mauer hit .444 against me, Carew .390, and Hrbek .372. Pucket did well, Killebrew not that much. The stupid SS Versalles hit a 2nd inning grand slam to help them win game 6, 5-2.

    They won the first on Walter Johnson's strong pitching, 4-1.
    Game #2, we returned the favor 5-2.

    Went to their place, they explode for 8 runs in the 5th, and get ahead 9-2. I fight back, but lose 11-9 (lost on a pinch hit HR by Sam Rice, anyone else feel the pinch hitting is WAY, WAY too easy compared to what it is in real life?)
    Next game, we put up a bit of a thrashing, 8-3.
    Game #5 in Minnesota, we also thrashed, 10-5.

    They come back to our place, and the stupid 8th place hitting SS hits a grand slam off of Satchel Paige. We almost tied it, got to 4-3, then they scored 2 more. Final 6-3. Series tied 3-3.

    Game #7, [blanktey-blankety] Hrbek gets a double in the first, 2-0 Twins. My heart!!! My RF (guy named Oscar Charlseton) bombs it in the bottom, we are up 3-2. Couple of innings later, I score 4-2, next 1/2 inning they score 4-3. Same thing in bottom 8 to top 9, we score 1, they score 1. It is 5-4, Goose Goslin batting with runners on 1st and 3rd, and my closer who just gave up 3 hits and a run is pitching. My heart is leaping all over. 3-2 count (seriously)!

    BAMN! He swings at a pitch way up and in, 2-feet off the plate to END IT!!!

    I thought for sure it was going bye-bye on me.

    Now, on to the World Series. I only have to face Koufax, Kershaw, Campanella, Snider, Furrillo, Pee-Wee, Newcombe, Garvey and Cey...oh yeah, and they got this kid playing 2nd, too, name of Jack Robinson or something.

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