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OMG...TB Devil Rays (Negro League Stars) to the World Series!

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  • OMG...TB Devil Rays (Negro League Stars) to the World Series!

    I've mentioned it a few times, but sometime last summer/fall I started a "Legends" Franchise. The best-of-the-best for all teams. Obviously, I thought the Yankees would be in the mix just because of the unmatched talent they have had over the years (I am not a Yankee fan, per se, but there is not doubt about what they have had).

    I took a team of Negro League Stars on the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. It was incredible. Season ended with me 99 W, the Yanks 98. Chicago was the other wild card team, and I used Chicago to try and kill the Yanks, but they won anyway.

    I then dispatched them in 4 games (2 wins, a loss, and then the final win). I was quite shocked, as through the regular season, they beat me along the lines of 12 of 18 games or so. We got much better towards the end, but at one point I think I was 2 and 7 against them. I couldn't believe it, but several players had a bad series. DiMaggio had 1 hit (a HR), Ruth, the league MVP hit in the mid-.200's, the pitching wasn't that great for them, and Gehrig & Berra were the only 2 on-fire. Lazzerri and Jeter got some big-big hits, but it wasn't much of a challenge from the Bombers, overall.

    The Twins, meanwhile, dispatched the Angels. All season, as I watched stats, it seemed that Minnesota had the best pitching overall. Walter Johnson and Johan Santana being the top 2 guys, and Aguilera bolstering a very good pen.

    The ALCS, which I just finished, was unreal. Mauer hit .444 against me, Carew .390, and Hrbek .372. Pucket did well, Killebrew not that much. The stupid SS Versalles hit a 2nd inning grand slam to help them win game 6, 5-2.

    They won the first on Walter Johnson's strong pitching, 4-1.
    Game #2, we returned the favor 5-2.

    Went to their place, they explode for 8 runs in the 5th, and get ahead 9-2. I fight back, but lose 11-9 (lost on a pinch hit HR by Sam Rice, anyone else feel the pinch hitting is WAY, WAY too easy compared to what it is in real life?)
    Next game, we put up a bit of a thrashing, 8-3.
    Game #5 in Minnesota, we also thrashed, 10-5.

    They come back to our place, and the stupid 8th place hitting SS hits a grand slam off of Satchel Paige. We almost tied it, got to 4-3, then they scored 2 more. Final 6-3. Series tied 3-3.

    Game #7, [blanktey-blankety] Hrbek gets a double in the first, 2-0 Twins. My heart!!! My RF (guy named Oscar Charlseton) bombs it in the bottom, we are up 3-2. Couple of innings later, I score 4-2, next 1/2 inning they score 4-3. Same thing in bottom 8 to top 9, we score 1, they score 1. It is 5-4, Goose Goslin batting with runners on 1st and 3rd, and my closer who just gave up 3 hits and a run is pitching. My heart is leaping all over. 3-2 count (seriously)!

    BAMN! He swings at a pitch way up and in, 2-feet off the plate to END IT!!!

    I thought for sure it was going bye-bye on me.

    Now, on to the World Series. I only have to face Koufax, Kershaw, Campanella, Snider, Furrillo, Pee-Wee, Newcombe, Garvey and Cey...oh yeah, and they got this kid playing 2nd, too, name of Jack Robinson or something.

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    TAMPA BAY takes game #1 in commanding fashion over the DODGERS.

    The Devil Rays, behind Smokey Joe Williams excellent 6 2/3 innings pitched, captured game one handily with a 9-0 thrashing of one of the great dynasties of Major League Baseball. Player of the game Oscar Charlston (RF) went 2-3, with a HR, 2B, 3 runs scored, 2 BB and a RBI. He and fellow left-hander Buck Leonard seemed to have no problem handling Clayton Kershaw, one of the Dodgers' two ace southpaws, with Koufax due to pitch tomorrow. Can they do it again?

    A disappointed Kershaw couldn't even last more than 2 1/3 innings, as the Devil Rays pounded out 5 runs in the second, and started to rally again in the third. "That team is very good, they won 99 games during the season, outlasted the Yankees for the East Title, then beat that incredible team pretty handily in the ALDS. They are tough, strong, but mostly very fast. They are really clicking right now, and yeah, I am disappointed at how I pitched, but we got an incredible guy going for us tomorrow. Our team has some legendary talent, too. They took tonight, tomorrow we will look to get one back, this team doesn't give up, that's for sure. We made it to the Series, and we will fight as long and hard as we can!"

    Many of the Devil Rays had strong offensive games; Buck Leonard (1B) [whom the manager thought was 'player of the game'], was 3 for 5 with a 2B and 2 RBI's; Martin Dihigo (2B) a utility player getting his first start in the post-season, went 3-4; and Biz Mackey, the backup (C) also went 2-5 with some clutch hitting. As has been the case most of the year, Josh Gibson moved to third and Mackey got the start behind home plate when facing a LHP. It worked well tonight as Gibson (3B) also pounded out a few hits.

    Not only did the Devil Rays excel at hitting, smacking 18 overall basehits, the pitching dominated as well. In 6 2/3 innings, starter Smokey Joe Williams only gave up 4 hits, 2 walks and had 4 strikeouts. He gave up doubles to Ron Cey (3B) and Zack Wheat (LF), and individual singles to Duke Snider (CF) and Steve Garvey (1B). David Price relieved him in the seventh, and pitch 1.1 innings of hitless ball with a strikout. Chet Brewer than came on to pitch a perfect ninth, also getting a single strikeout.

    The Dodgers simply looked overmatched after the 5-run second inning outburst from the Devil Rays. It simply did not improve for them all game. Next up on the mound in Los Angeles for game #2 are Tampa Bay's sidearm-hurler Dizzy Dismukes, looking to back up his very strong regular season, and Sandy Koufax, who looks to get the Dodgers on the board in the win column. If not, the Dodgers look at the prospect of heading to Tampa Bay's house down 0-2 in the series, and facing the legendary Satchel Paige.

    Game #2 appears to loom as a very important one for the Dodgers to show they are in this, while the Devil Rays look to continue the dominance they showed in game #1!

    We will see you tomorrow night at Chavez Ravine, should be a great one!
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      What happened?


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        Game #2 should be tonight. Had massive headaches the last few days, which put a crimp into playing.

        I promise I will give summaries of each game.


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          TAMPA BAY continues its dominance in Game #2 with a shutout of the DODGERS!

          Oh, those bases-on-balls!

          - Detroit Broadcaster Frankie Frisch
          'Dem Bums might be in trouble!

          The Devil Rays blanked the Dodgers for the second straight World Series game, 6-0 in this edition. Dizzy Dismukes and his sidearm delivery had the Los Angelenos simply baffled all night long. They managed only 2 hits and 4 walks off of him during his complete game performance. Reese (SS) singled to lead off the third, and Snider (CF) did the same in the fourth, but that was the extent of the offense all night long. Dismukes line was simply marvelous; 9 IP, 0 R, 0 ER, 2 H, 7 K.

          'Dem Bums ARE in trouble.

          They now have to go back to the Devil Rays home field down 0-2, and facing legendary pitcher Satchel Paige. In 18 IP so far, the Devil Rays staff has held the Dodgers to a mere 6 hits and 0 runs. If the Dodgers do not get the bats pumping against the Devil Rays best pitcher of the regular season, they could be down 3-0 and be looking at a sweep. So far, they have not shown any signs of being the team that won 95-games during the regular season.

          On the Dodger's side of the ledger, the manager pulled a surprise move that no one saw coming. He decided to go with Fireballer Dazzy Vance over the legendary Sandy Koufax. "Well, after the game it is easy to say it was a mistake, but c'mon, that guy [Vance] IS in the Hall of Fame. It ain't like I was sending Joe Random out there or something to start game #2 of the World Series. We'll be okay. This team has battled back all year, and we got Koufax going for us in Game #3. I like our chances, we just need a few of those hits to drop in there for us. So far, it has been their Series, for sure!"

          Koufax also understood the move, "Hey, he's the boss. Whether I pitch #2 or #3, I am going to go out there and give it 100%. I think the idea of having lefty-then-lefty was the main factor with today's decision, he thought having them see lefty-righty-lefty would be more valuable. You have to remember, that is a really good team over there. Charleston, Gibson, Cool Papa, they've got some serious lumber in that lineup. I am looking forward to the chance of going out there and silencing them...should be fun!!!"

          The pitching gamble did not payoff, however, for the LA Skipper. The Dodgers pitching staff gave up a total of 9 walks, and that clearly tipped the balance of the early game. In the pivotal 4th inning, Lloyd (2B) led off with a walk, followed by another walk to Buck Leonard (1B). Gibson (C) did go down swinging, but after a double steal by Lloyd and Leonard, they chose to walk Oscar Charleston (RF) intentionally. Whether it was from 3 walks already, of just a lack of concentration, Vance then walked Martin Dihigo (3B) on 4-pitches, allowing the first run of the game to score. Immediately, Ben Taylor (LF) hit a long Sac-Fly allowing the 2nd run to score. At that point, the Devil Rays had 1-hit and 2 runs. Those walks were the backbreaker.

          In the top of the 7th, a single and a walk, with a fielder's choice sandwiched in, set up the stage for SB-leader Cool Papa Bell to hit a crushing 3-run HR. His 118 SB during the season to tie Lou Brock, plus the 3-run bomb tonight, simply show what a versatile and talented player he really is. You could just feel any energy left with the Dodgers fans float away with that ball as it landed in the RF bleachers. The Devil Rays also added one more in the 9th, as Leonard knocked in Belll, who had been HBP and then stole 2nd.

          It is not looking good for LA. The one saving grace was that they went from giving up 18-hits to 4-hits, but 9 walks made it almost a moot point.

          Are we headed for a sweep? The bats better snap awake for LA, or it would certainly seem we are!

          Game #3, Koufax vs. steal a line; should be fun!
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            TAMPA BAY is one win away with another dominant performance in GAME #3 vs. the punchless DODGERS

            Satchel Paige was in control all night long. He gave up back-to-back singles in 3 different innings, but no rally ever went further than that. He stranded all 6 of those runners, and the only score of the game came on a 6th inning running fastball to Zack Wheat (LF), which was deposited into the deep left-center field bleachers. That, in fact, was the first score the Dodgers have had in the series, and the only one as well. Paige's line was quite impressive: 99 pitches, 9 IP, CG, 7 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 13 K. The Dodgers, winners of 95-games during the regular season, have simply had their bats taken out of their hands by this incredible performance from the Tampa Bay Staff.

            "We want it! We want it BAD!!!" Winning Pitcher Satchel Paige said after the game, "We survived the Yanks, by 1-game in the regular season, and then we kind of bopped 'em in the Division Series. The Twins pushed us to the limit. GAME 7, Baby, and it was OURRRRSSS! Am I surprised this team is puttin' a bad hurting on LA? No, no way. They are good, very good, but as you can see, we are a ROCKIN'-&-a-ROLLIN' all-night-long. MAN, I am pumped!" A very excited Paige then went and jumped on the backs of about 5 teammates.

            It would be very hard to argue with the assessment put forth by the Devil Ray's starter, as to this point the aggregate score would be 23-1 through 3 games. The Dodgers staff has also been extremely disappointing. Tonight, it was surprise starter and emerging star, Martin Dihigo (2B), who started in on Koufax with a 3-run HR in the 2nd. Josh Gibson (C) followed that up the next inning with a 2-run bomb, and Wells (SS) added another late solo HR. The Dodger staff has been hit hard, and early, putting the team behind in all 3 of the games so far. At this point, if Tampa Bay can get an early lead in game #4, it is hard to imagine the Dodgers bench would have enough life in it to fight back. It is possible, but so far, they have seemed well over-matched in all facets of the game.

            A sweep would appear to be imminent. On an interesting note, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays have not used a sub in games #2 or #3. It has been the same nine to end the game that have started it in each one. Can the Dodgers avoid the sweep? Right now, they just need to concentrate on getting some rallies going. Even if they give up some runs, they still have to score to be able to win a game. So far, Zack Wheat's HR has been the extent of the rallies they could muster. That will certainly not be enough, so with their backs to the wall, the Dodgers have one more chance to come out of it and put something on the board.

            We expect for Kershaw to start game #4 for the Dodgers, and we know that Leon Day will look to close out the Series for the Devil Rays. Should be fun, and also could be the last game of the year if Tampa Bay takes care of business!
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