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    I prefer a physical copy as well but now that I retired I went digital for the fact that my MLB16 disc seems slightly worn from all the usage.


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      In this day and age the digital copies of games are getting more popular, and with PS4 going the route of XBox One with USB Storage it will continue to trend that way. With that being said in addition to my Digital Deluxe I also preordered the HoF edition but not sure if my account got charged for it so don't know if the preorder stuck... guess I'll call GameStop sometime tomorrow as I wasn't planning on picking it up until early Saturday or Sunday at the latest anyway since I'll be playing the digital at midnight.

      One advantage that the physical copy has though is if you have it shipped because there is the potential to have it delivered before official street date, only problem with that is if you aren't one of the guys that gets a review copy you might want to stay offline and definitely don't want to post videos to YouTube or stream there or on Twitch because that could mess your account up on both ends if caught... I'm off work tomorrow so I'll most definitely be binge playing.


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        Not only do you get discounts with physical, you can also let a friend borrow it or trade/sell it when you're done with it like I previously mentioned. Can't do any of those things with digital.

        Just got my pre-order code emailed to me.
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          Came in the mail today but server issues are still there so I'll install it and do non online required stuff. I noticed they did make the game 4GB smaller. Well done SDS!
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            Got mine today it's awesome they really outdid themselves this year.