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    Originally posted by hoboadam View Post
    Sell the Hof edition before the price drops.

    The GameStop exclusive codes are in the sealed disk case, not on the printed receipt as they used to do. Don't open the Hof edition.

    I have the hat and it's nice but not as good as my Astros or Yankee hats.
    I didn't find the GameStop exclusive code when I opened my HOF Edition box (I found the HOF code but not the GameStop code for the extra 5 packs and Griffey card code) and I'm not seeing one on the receipt.
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      I suspect that it may be the sponsor pack which will contain the extra packs. The guy at the counter indicated that everything is in the box because the Hof edition was a GameStop exclusive. I'll post after midnight to confirm.


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        I bought the HOF edition from Gamestop and cannot find the Griffey Card code anywhere.