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    Originally posted by zoidberg_games View Post

    I agree, but all the packs toward the end of this year are 3500 stubs for a sikver, and increased chance of a 2k stub card.

    pretty much thats because the only thing really left to do is to get all the equipment for the most part if you didn't pull the equipment when the packs for them came out because the cost on Marketplace was through the roof for some. I haven't been playing as much lately, actually finally started back on RTTS last night but yeah thats pretty much it. If people didn't complain about the cost of packs in 15 I'm pretty sure 16 would have continued to guarantee diamonds.


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      Originally posted by brandonbigtime View Post
      Took me a while to find my groove with the playing of the market but I figured out a strategy that netted me about 20-30k stubs a day and that was just casually flipping, there is more than one way to this as well (some guys swear by flipping silvers, others deal in fb's). Just takes some time a patience. I am trying to think of all the missions that got players diamond live series players, arenado, cespedes, scherzer, Donaldson, Andrew miller, kris Bryant, and Rizzo I think? fair amount of live series cards that took nothing but a few stubs and time playing. It took me most of the season but I completed the collection.
      Just a heads up for all the late starters don't assume flipping for 17 will be as easy as it is now. I can easily do 40k a day now but back at the beginning of the year 15k was a huge day for me, and one that usually ended with my wife telling me to put my damn phone down. Unless you buy stubs and can have a bankroll to work big $ cards off the start flipping is pretty tough on anything. Waaaaaaaay more people giving the plus $1 bid. Golds for the first few months are all 5-12k plus not the $1500 they are now. So like I said you gotta have money to make money but it's hard when you start collecting players to complete rosters.


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        Originally posted by TEXAS10PT View Post

        I gotta tell you I've had every MLB The Show since the first one came out and if not for what they have right now I would have quit after the regular baseball season like I always did. Heck man I'm still flipping and people are still buying and I play every day.They gave us easy Diamond missions (re Arod, Teixiera, Ortiz, Williams, Schmidt, Scherzer) what else do you want? I think they did great with this years game.....Except fix the bunt cheese. I'm happy that they are still throwing us a bone.
        Exactly.The game has always been fun for me and this year has been very entertaining.I hope it continues in future years to come.


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          Oh it's going to contiue year is going to be huge. 1 more month!!


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