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  • Roster Update 8

    Dayan Diaz CIN
    AJ Morris CIN
    Warwick Saupold DET
    Whit Merrifield KAN
    Ty Kelly NYM
    Conor Mullee NYY
    Zach Neal OAK
    Cesar Vargas SDG
    Tyler Sturdevant TAM
    Jared Hoying TEX

    Daniel Murphy WAS 2B 83 86 3
    Jonathan Lucroy MIL C 82 85 3
    Yadier Molina STL C 83 84 1
    Ian Desmond TEX LF 80 83 3
    David Wright NYM 3B 83 82 -1
    Jay Bruce CIN RF 78 81 3
    Russell Martin TOR C 84 81 -3
    Matt Holliday STL LF 84 80 -4
    Danny Valencia OAK 3B 76 79 3
    Marcell Ozuna MIA CF 75 78 3
    Alexei Ramirez SD SS 83 78 -5
    Howie Kendrick LAD 2B 82 77 -5
    Mark Teixeira NYY 1B 81 77 -4
    Aledmys Diaz STL SS 74 77 3
    Jorge Soler CHC LF 79 75 -4
    Delino DeShields Jr TEX CF 77 74 -3
    Matt Harvey NYM SP 91 88 -3
    Dallas Keuchel HOU SP 88 87 -1
    Sonny Gray OAK SP 89 87 -2
    Ryan Madson OAK CP 86 84 -2
    Jeff Samardzija SF SP 83 84 1
    Vince Velasquez PHI SP 80 82 2
    Hector Neris PHI RP 75 78 3
    Jeanmar Gomez PHI CP 72 75 3
    Drew Storen TOR RP 79 75 -4
    Neftali Feliz PIT RP 69 72 3
    Shawn Tolleson TEX CP 80 72 -8

    LF Blake Swihart moved from Red Sox Minors to Red Sox Position.
    2B Brock Holt moved from Red Sox Position to Red Sox Minors.
    RP Carson Smith moved from Red Sox Relief to Red Sox Minors.
    CF Kevin Kiermaier moved from Rays Position to Rays Minors.
    LF Brandon Guyer moved from Rays Bench to Rays Position.
    CF Mikie Mahtook moved from Rays Minors to Rays Bench.
    C Curt Casali moved from Rays Bench to Rays Position.
    C Hank Conger moved from Rays Position to Rays Bench.
    2B Logan Forsythe moved from Rays Position to Rays Minors.
    2B Steve Pearce moved from Rays Bench to Rays Position.
    3B Cheslor Cuthbert moved from Royals Position to Royals Bench.
    3B Mike Moustakas moved from Royals Minors to Royals Position.
    LF Alex Gordon moved from Royals Position to Royals Minors.
    RF Paulo Orlando moved from Royals Bench to Royals Position.
    C Geovany Soto moved from Angels Bench to Angels Minors.
    C Jett Bandy moved from Angels Minors to Angels Bench.
    SP Sonny Gray moved from A's Starting to A's Minors.
    RF Josh Reddick moved from A's Position to A's Minors.
    DH Billy Butler moved from A's Bench to A's Position.
    LF Jake Smolinski moved from A's Minors to A's Bench.
    SS Chris Taylor moved from Mariners Minors to Mariners Position.
    SS Ketel Marte moved from Mariners Position to Mariners Minors.
    RP Shawn Tolleson moved from Rangers Closer to Rangers Relief.
    CP Sam Dyson moved from Rangers Relief to Rangers Closer.
    CF Drew Stubbs moved from Rangers Bench to Rangers Minors.
    3B Joey Gallo moved from Rangers Minors to Rangers Bench.
    CF Delino DeShields Jr. moved from Rangers Position to Rangers Minors.
    1B Lucas Duda moved from Mets Position to Mets Minors.
    1B Eric Campbell moved from Mets Bench to Mets Position.
    LF Matt Szczur moved from Cubs Minors to Cubs Bench.
    RF Domingo Santana moved from Brewers Position to Brewers Minors.
    RF Alex Presley moved from Brewers Bench to Brewers Position.
    CF Keon Broxton moved from Brewers Minors to Brewers Bench.
    LF Starling Marte moved from Pirates Minors to Pirates Position.
    3B David Freese moved from Pirates Position to Pirates Bench.
    SP Colin Rea moved from Padres Starting to Padres Minors.

    Be sure to check out the Roster Update screen (in the Community tab) in game for more information! Find roster update #7 (5/20/16) here.

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    i dont understand what Chris Sale needs to do to get an update smh. also Xander Bogaerts leads the AL in Hits, the dude is batting 350 and has made 1 error all year and hes an 87 overall. Meanwhile carlos correa is batting over 100 points lower with 5 errors and hes a 91??? Bogaerts has higher slug, obp, rbi, twice as many doubles and only has 2 less homers then Correa....fix your ratings system
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      Call me completionist, but Chin-Hui Tsao for the Dodgers, today Julio Urias is pitching, cam we get him for next week??


      • #4
        Where is Greg Mahle with the Angels? He's been in the majors now for about three weeks


        • #5
          Going to beat a dead horse here, but how does Starling Marte still have such a weak arm? His arm should easily be 93~
          And Nick Ahmed needs a severe upgrade defensively.


          • #6
            I understand that players getting added is 100% based on them being approved by MLBPA and is relatively out of your hands, but I was wondering if it seems likely the Indians Mike Clevinger is in next weeks update? Also, when he is approved and added to the game I'm hopeful you will be able to use DeGrom hair and not the default longer hair since he is essentially a clone of DeGrom hair wise. Thanks for everything you all do!


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              Fernando Rodney continues to be ignored. The guy has been lights out 10/10 save opps 0 er allowed season. Come on his change up is the best in the bigs this year. Yelich needs to be good the guy is doing it all this year and he's the reason Marlins aren't out of it yet. How about Trumbo hitting .285 with 15 trumbombs.

              Downgrade votto and Stanton who are hitting .200 and were 2 months into season.
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              • #8
                David Freese is still wearing #7. He's been wearing #23 all season. Could this get updated please? I realize I can very easily change it myself, but if I play with the Daily Rosters he'll always be 7.


                • #9
                  TheShowBaseball I'm trying to understand something. A-Rod was known to be coming back on Friday, in fact he was already back on Thursday. It was known that Darvish was pitching today. There is no reason why neither of these players were added to the game. It is so unbelievable how poor of a job MLB does regarding roster updates. NBA 2K, MADDEN , and NHL are all on top of their game with updates. I wonder if the person in charge of these updates even watches baseball: I honestly could do a better job. Also, I recommend raising Eovaldis rating as well as that of Goody. Romine and Beltran also both deserve a boost. Jackie Bradley deserves an increase, but how is David Price still a 94? You guys didn't hesitate one bit to lower Tex's rating but Price remains a 94? Buchholz is an 80 while Eovaldi is a 77!!! what are you guys nuts!


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                    How is Ching Ming Wang a 50 rating on a MLB 25 man roster with 3 wins 2.41 ERA in 15 games and 18.2 innings with 15 SOs. It's kinda ridiculous. He's a major leaguer with a 50 rating?e it's such a strange thing looking into my bullpen playing with KC. He throw a 91-95 mph sinker making a come back at 36 into the majors. Really cool come back story from a 2 time 19 game winner for NYY and Cy young runner up that was plagued by injuries. He was barely touching 90 and went to some pitching coach and is throw almost back with the same velocity before he turned 30.
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                    • #11
                      I agree these updates are just dumb. I pick an extremely under rated unpopular player to follow and see how long it will take for these idiots to do it. This year i picked miguel castro who closed for the blue jays last year for a tiny moment before osuna then later was dealt in the Tulo deal. He is on the rockies now pitching in the eighth inning and has around a 2 era, under 1 whip, and strikes out over a batter per inning. He is still rated a 50.

                      To the person posting about the Yankees, CC deserves a huge boost too. The guy went to rehab and is clean now pitching lights out after the DL... I bet he feels great but in the show his rehab and true stats will take three more months for these idiots to update.

                      Dan Straily the minor league strikeout machine deserves a huge boost with his 2.98era 1.12whip and 8.61k/9

                      On my orioles they never update Hyun Soo Kim and Joey Rickard but they leave Pedro Alvarez with his great hittting vs righties when he can't hit 200 or homers and is being benched now in real life.

                      There are countless relievers who deserve upgrades like Alex Colome and Vizciano to Hector Neris and David Phelps even Daniel Hudson but they will never get it right instead they just downgrade people like Sean Doolittle who is pitching great for coming off injury 3.26 era 1.06 whip and over 10.71 k's/9 I guess that deserves a downgrade from a guy regaining his form.

                      Speaking about the A's then you have a guy like Sonny Gray who everyone now knows was only bad because of injury but he gets downgraded. If a player tries to fight through injury or whatever they should not get a decrease to their actual ratings it should be reflected in the live series update ratings then when he is no longer injured they wont have to go back and raise everything back up on his actual ratings.

                      Then you also have the times where someone like Bryce Harper will get a boost for hitting lights out. Then he leads the league in intentional walks over the next month and they lower his rating back to where they started. He should never be touched at this point. Everyone else in the world has figured out who Bryce is and how he will play but not MLB the show roster ratings he will get little boosts and drops here and there. I do not think Harper deserved a raise in the first place but then taking it back down is just too much tinkering where it doesnt need to be done.

                      I could keep going about their ratings but there is just too much to even fix it is mind boggling and I give up.
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                        Just wondering how we are almost to June and Greg Mahle of the Los Angeles Angels has
                        not yet been included in a roster update as of yet. The guy has been with the club, since about the second week of the season.


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                          Originally posted by republicanssuck View Post
                          Where is Greg Mahle with the Angels? He's been in the majors now for about three weeks
                          Its been even longer than three weeks he was called up the first or second week of the season.


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                            can we get a flashback Greinke from before the season when he was still a diamond please


                            • #15
                              For the Rangers Add Matt Bush and Jurickson Profar, add CF as a position for Ian Desmond and put Darvish back in the MLB roster.