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RTTS--- When do I get to AAA?

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  • RTTS--- When do I get to AAA?

    I've been playing AA with the Seawolves, I'm the top player in my team with a batting average of over .500 and I'm doing awesome playing 2nd base. I was wondering, since my guy has been doing so well, when will I get promoted to playing AAA baseball?

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    There's no set time and date for promotion based off production in baseball. There never has been and there never will be.


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      check adj overall in player comparison as well as DL, but yeah theres no set timetable... depends on team, position and how you use your training points... I was fast tracked to Baltimore Orioles and they have me at DH, when we play at NL parks Adam Jones moves from CF to LF and I play CF... got the call up end of May/beginning of June


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        I play second too.
        I played from scratch twice and both times the Cubs brought me straight up to the show from AA right after the AA all-star game.

        Which was still enough time for me to make the MLB all-star team and win rookie of the year.

        On my other RTTS file where I am a starting pitcher, I got called up very early in the season.

        Mind you, all this was with purchased trainning points maxing my player out with 99 attributes all around, lol.