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RTTS-- Got Traded!!!! :( What to do?

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  • RTTS-- Got Traded!!!! :( What to do?

    Hey guys. Need help. I have been playing for the Mudhens in the Detroit Tigers AAA division, but I received a message saying that my guy had been traded to the Royal's division. I wanted to play for the Tigers!!!! This is very troubling; I am a really big Tiger fan. I don't understand why this happened, I had been doing a pretty good job playing with the Mudhens; why would I get traded like this? Is there any way that I can return to the Tigers? Thanks.
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    They try to make it realistic as possible. Players get traded, especially farm system players, all the time. If guys could play for who they wanted to that would be very interesting. Just got to go to your new team and not complain lol. IDK, I guess you could start over or something, but not a guarantee you will get to be on your fav team.


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      Or wait till you get called up play six years and go back or ask for a trade


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        I love the Brewers I have made many starring pitchers and 1st baseman both that we need desperately and they always pass me up even if I'm a guaranteed top ten pick


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          Thanks guys.


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            If you feel like starting over and wasting real money on RTTS trainning points, make yourself a much better rated player and you probably won't get traded.

            I have a 99 second basemen and another file with a 99 starting pitcher.
            I made my players beasts before the scouting games, never been traded.

            And I did my second basemen file over from scratch once.
            So that's three times all together, no trades.

            Yes, I'm retarded.
            Wasted good real money for this.
            And I regret it now.

            Wish I could start over with more recent rosters that I can edit again and everything, and still make my player a beast without having to shell out big bucks a 4th time.

            They really should have made it so we can restart our career with new rosters and our purchased trainning points.

            I barely play anymore cause it bugs me that much.
            Find myself playing NBA Jam OFE far more often, even though I'd rather be playing a new RTTS with fresh rosters that I can doctor up before hand and go into with some serious trainning points to start.

            You would think the $300 plus I've dropped on three RTTS files would warrant permanent trainning points for new RTTS files.

            But instead, I play NBA Jam gayness.


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              Actually, you got me thinking about all this and I just thought screw it.
              I'm gonna play franchise mode and just simulate the games I'm not pitching.
              Sounds good to me!