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    Hear me out here. This may sound wild. How about the incompetent developers add a strike zone that doesn't move on every pitch. None of the current three options are acceptable. The ratio for calls that go the pitcher's way and calls that go the batter's way is horrendous. Pitching on the corners on this game is nearly impossible since the zone seems to move in all different directions. In real life, if the umpire is calling a pitch inside but in the zone a ball, he'll give the pitcher a little bit off the plate. In the case of this embarrassing game, it's just random. It's gotten so frequent that I've even begun to believe it's just part of the programming. For some reason not yet known to me, the devs don't want me to throw strikes. I'm not going to buy stubs due to the lack of rtts points I'm getting.

    Now ban me you bumbling buffoons.

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    I've noticed with my settings set to perfect calls, the same pitch placement will get different results when it's as close as can be.

    So, you're not wrong.
    I just wouldn't get that upset over it.
    I mean this is when it's like the ball is barely touching the zone.
    I would think even with perfect calls that could go either way.


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      I pitch on the corners all the time. Some calls go my way and some don't.. That's baseball.


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        I've never had an issue with the zone. I'm not sure what you mean by a moving zone btw. I've always played without the perfect (called) game option and whether I'm pitching or playing as a position player, I've never been overly fired up about the called strike zone. Some get called, and some don't, just like in a real situation I would guess.