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Starting Pitching is Horrible

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  • Starting Pitching is Horrible

    Anybody else notice how when you're a starting pitcher, you get left in way longer than you need to be causing for some stats to be skewed and ridiculous. Just had a game, pitched 6 innings allowed 3 earned on 5 hits and had a couple walks. Score was 11-3 at the time in favor of my team. There is no need for me to be in that game anymore but instead I'm left in and give up a homer and single and I end with 5 earned on 7 hits in 6+. Needs to be fixed, need to have an option where you can pull yourself to avoid situations like that. Anyone else experience the same frustrations?

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    What kind of a starting pitcher would ever want to come out of a ball game?

    You need to get your stamina up or just get your guy better. A starting pitcher should be able to eat up innings, especially with an 8 run lead. Complaining that the game should blow through its bullpen so you can have a lower era is a joke.


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      I'm just saying, its not realistic. I threw 98 pitches, I threw a good game had a quality start in April to boot. Any ball club would give it to the bullpen and let guys get some work in. The situation called for me to come out of the game. Nothing to do with ERA, just the situation the game was in.


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        Don't count on the buffoons at San Diego Studios to add any logic in future games. It's simply copy/paste, improve the money-making aspects, stock the shelves. They did manage to throw in some code that forcefully puts your player in slumps, however. That was probably outsourced.


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          I agree. It's not just about keeping a low ERA, but it kind of is. Teams don't leave young starters in games like that for 2 reasons. They are ALWAYS concerned about pitch count for young guys, and worried about confidence as well. You never want your young pitcher to get shelled.


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            I have had the game only for 2 days now. I created a starting pitcher.. so far in 4 games at AA level.

            His first game - through a 1 hit shutout complete game 102 pitches
            2nd game through a 2 hit game taken out in 9th with 1 out. 107 pitches or so
            3rd - Lost a prefect game in the 9th when batter hit the ball at my foot and bounced out to the SS. complete game. about 80 pitches.
            4th - 1 hitter complete game. about 95 pitches

            Either I am freaking good - or something is up. In real life.. if I was that good of a pitcher early on.. they would baby my arm and make me sleep with it protected and have armed guards 24/7 watching my arm.