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    Is there any chance I could buy a copy without the algorithms that force awful performance down my throat? It's really not that fun to build up a player and have him perform as poorly as he does. I really do not get why you idiots are dead set on making your customer's players terrible. If I'm going to suck, it's going to be because I suck, not because a couple of bitter programmers want me to. I'll square a pitch up with good timing and PCI placement and I'll get a measly popup. I didn't waste $65 on this to pop up meatballs. Pitches like that should be crushed into the bleachers. Road to the Show somehow gets worse and worse each year. It's almost as if the stats don't do anything. They're just a meaningless ploy to get you to play more.

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    It's sounds more like you're talking about the NHL series or 2k17