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New game mode like 2k (Park)

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  • New game mode like 2k (Park)

    MLB road to the show needs a side game mode like how 2k has the park where you can pick through all sorts of clothes and gear and go play at the park MLB the show needs this and they could call it the sandlot or something a place where u could meet up with ur buddy's and have a pickup game at the sandlot wearing backwards hats and Griffey throwback jersey on thought it would be a cool idea let me know your thoughts

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    Doesn't really work for baseball.

    You just wanna chill in the outfield for 9 innings of a video game?


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      would have to improve servers for DD H2H games first before even trying to think about getting a max of 18 players connect to the same game session


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        Sounds like a terrible idea. They need to focus on servers and putting stats back on the cards. I really hate the search stats feature in this game. All players are not included. Just My Opinion.