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RTTS Style Play in Franchise Mode!

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  • RTTS Style Play in Franchise Mode!

    So, this is my first year playing this series, so most of you probably already knew.

    But I just accidentally discovered in franchise mode, if you go into lineups and press start on a player, you "lock" to use that player in games RTTS style.

    I love this.
    I can play as one player, and manage the franchise.

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    yup that the PLAYER LOCK feature... it's something that I've been toying with for a franchise... still hoping to do one but first I need to catch back up with my videos for Francis Money in RTTS


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      I love it.
      It's so much fun being one player and the GM.
      I've gotten so into that I've created 90 players for my franchise.
      No real players.
      MLB down through Single A.

      I can play second base most games, grab the pitcher or whoever I want for a change of pace now and then, and breeze through my seasons.

      I think I'll even switch over to AAA and play an unlocked game once in a while, for the fun of using a less talented team.

      I love all the options I have to play any way I want in franchise mode.
      This has made this game so great for me again.

      Yeah, and I also realized you can just lock any player you want in the lineups before the game by pressing R2 on him, rather than permanently locking with start in lineups outside of the game.

      I wish I knew this before I spent real money on RTTS trainning points, but oh well, love this.
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