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Can I jump / dive?

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  • Can I jump / dive?

    Don't know why I haven't asked this before.
    I play second base.

    I have my jump / dive settings set to "same button".
    I find R2 more comfortable for both.

    Is it a glitch in RTTS player lock mode that you can't jump or dive for the ball?
    Am I just doing it wrong.
    Do I need to turn off my same button setting?

    I've haven't been able to jump / dive in player lock game play once yet.

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    I believe it's set to the right stick for some reason.


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      Well freak-ah-diddles...
      That is nice to know now...
      Thank you.


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        I play CF in RTTS, one-button jump/dive, and R1 is the button to use.


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          Good to know if both these work, looks like I was using the one button that wouldn't.


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            That's weird because R1 doesn't work for me, just the stick and I have it set to one button.


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              I forgot to mention that I have showtime opps turned on. R2 always activates showtime so that leaves R1. For me the right stick brings up the big white landing circle.


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                Yeah, when you hold the r-stick in, you see where fly balls are landing by the white circle.

                I have Showtime Opportunities off.
                Same button setting for jump / dive.

                I thought both R1 and R2 were both supposed to work the same that way, but now that you mention it, the Showtime is probably why R2 does nothing.

                But R1 works, glad I know now.
                Pretty dumb of me to need someone to tell me that.

                I find R2 a bit more comfortable on my Horipad3 Turbo controller.
                It's not a full trigger button like the Sony controller.
                Just a fatter button with a little more push depth.

                But R1 is all that works, unless the r-stick does too, haven't tried it, prefer the button.