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    1. If you're looking for an authentic baseball experience, look very very far away. This game is more of a casino style game. It's all odds-based.
    2. However, if you do decide to play and you would like to make a power hitter, look at your assigned spray chart in-game. If you're a push hitter, delete your character and try again.
    3. Don't try to use showtime hitting. It should be scrapped.
    4. Don't try to make a contact pitcher. Since this entire game is odds-based, there's a fairly good chance you'll have a mediocre high school infield behind you.
    5. Don't bother with a majority of the perks. They seldom work. Keep the showtime bar for fielding and pitching.

    Road to the Show has been gradually crumbling apart and between the incompetence and greed of SDS and SCE, I don't see it being fixed any time soon. Their sole focus is DD now since it's their only hope of in-game purchases.

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    I still find RTTS pretty fun.


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      Can you explain this odds based stuff you're typing about?


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        If you are not happy with RTTS then you're doing it wrong... yes it doesn't have the bells and whistles of NBA 2K's MyCareer but it is the most realistic Career mode going (aside from the rookie/beginner level careers as the stats can get out of hand in those but thats with any game mode on the easiest/lowest difficulties)... a few more cinematics and having more than 3 teams submit a free agent offer would be great but other than that... considering that this is the only career mode to date that can continue from year to year with the ability to use anything new added to the game is good in my book