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  • Guess Pitch Question

    So, I'm a rookie to the Show series this year, and when I got the game I decided to turn off guess pitch...

    Didn't like the idea of over complicating things...

    Now that I'm getting better at hitting, I'm turning it on only to use sparingly...
    Like guessing over the middle on full counts, to see if I can still fight off pitches in the outer zone with the contact penalty in play....

    So, here's my question...
    I see you can set Guess Pitch to DEFAULT, PCI, CLASSIC, or NO FEEDBACK.

    I can see it says NO FEEDBACK has the highest bonuses and CLASSIC the smallest...

    I'm assuming it's referring to contact bonuses and that the penalty for wrong guessing works in corresponding severity...

    So, can someone explain what all is in play to factor with all these modes?


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    I know nothing of the differences between these pitch type modes.

    Could use some insight.
    All I know is about contact bonus / penalty for guessing right / wrong.