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Road to the show with Wade Mantle!

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  • Road to the show with Wade Mantle!

    So y'all have been posting your road to the shows... so guess i have to. I create players whos name is always wade and the last name a name of a famous player. CP Wade Mantle, 6'9"/245 lbs is up to the task. Throws like Jon Niese. I'll be updating this everyday, with at least three games each.

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    Getting started, im playing on dynamic and pulse. Hitting is veteran since im going to American leauge, and im a closer. Wadey is overall 52, which is kinda bad.


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      Mantle just got back from a press conference after his somewhat disappointing scout day. He yelled at the reporters, and didnt come out looking too good. Now only 4 teams are looking at him. Those being Dodgers, Astros, Rockies, and Twins. Tampa was mixed.

      So, Day one!

      Entered in 4th

      Spencer Indue: Dropped 3rd Strike. Safe at first.
      Sam Mcelroy: Infield Single to Catcher. Runner to 2nd.
      Kevin Estrella: Double Play to Shortstop. Runner to 3rd.
      Howard Hoyt: Groundout to Second. Inning over.


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        Day 2 of Amatuer Showcase! Wade is ready!

        Entered in 9th.

        Art Silva: Groundout to Third.
        Felix Torrez: Flyout to Right Field
        Christopher Donnelly: Groundout to Second. Game over.

        Wade got the save.


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          Draft Day. Wade is at his house, excited and ready. He and his friend have a bet going. If Wade gets picked in the first ten rounds, his friend has to get a tattoo of Wade's mustache. If Wade doesn't, he has to shave. Everything.

          So on to the draft!

          With the 14th pick of the 2nd round, the Tampa Bay Rays select, the closing pitcher from the Central Region!


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            Sorry, won't be able to post till Monday. Got plans, and will be away from my baby/PS4.


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              Sorry I have'nt updated.


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                Good god im back. Biscuits debut for Wade. First time ive played on Biscuits. First lets look at lineups and rotation.


                Eddie Gamboa (64, D)
                Conrad Dawkins (65, C)
                Dana Eveland (62, D)
                Bo Tseng (63, B)
                Alfonso Franco (61, B)


                LRP Sean Rosales(56, B)
                MRP Roger McGreal (59, D)
                MRP Eddy Geary (51, C)
                MRP Javier Campos (60, D)
                SU Pablo Aponte (68, D)
                SU Javier Estrada (67, F)
                CP Wade Mantle (49, B)


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                    Im bailing on Wadey. I'll update him sometimes but my heart isnt in too it.