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  • RTTS Bugs

    I am experiencing many many bugs in RTTS on the PS4 version. I turned showtime opportunities off in RTTS gameplay settings yet am still having to do showtime related plays in games. There was one game where I got to hit and got base hits but my baserunning opportunities were automatically skipped,and just now I was at the plate to bat but the game semi froze and the pitcher would not pitch. I could take practice swings but thats it. Only way to move forward was for me to sim the rest of the game.

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    I'm 99% sure a hit a foul ball but it counted as a HR lol. I'll try dig up the, clip


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      Oh that reminds me of one where I reached on a error but it said I grounded out.


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        RTTS is nothing BUT bugs. I have a starting pitcher, 6 seasons in. bounced back and forth between AA and AAA. MY ERA right now is .04, I've thrown 5 perfect games, career record is 97 - 3, I throw at LEAST 15 strike outs per game, AND my batting average is over .400. AND I'M STILL IN AA!!!!!!!!!!!! They better fix this or I will NOT be spending $80 on next years game!


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          I've played a few games that when I go from game to game, sometimes it just kicks me into having to do the whole game. The only way to stop this is to manually go in and skip to my next appearance. When I go back out following the game and then go into the next game, it's back to normal of just doing my appearances.