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I can't hit in RTTS please help!

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  • I can't hit in RTTS please help!

    This is quite embarrassing yet funny at the same time. I genuinely cannot hit in RTTS. I've taken the difficulty all the way down to rookie, and I'm only hitting at .209 or something like that. I can hit in other game modes, with my DD team batting average being .360 on Veteran and All-star. I"m fine with every other game mode except RTTS. I love this game mode but I just can't hit.

    Player attributes:

    PWR vs L - <75
    PWR vs R - 86

    CON vs L - 76
    CON vs R - <40

    PVIS - 108 (Equipment Boost)
    DISC - 86
    CLTCH - 82

    I play for the Diamond backs who are doing horrible this season, something like 46 - 80 (Can't really remember, something horrible) and the Blue Jays got almost 20 hits against us in the last game.

    Any suggestions? Or am I just really bad
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    Lol same thing was happening to me. I was doing great hitting .312 then all of a sudden I started to pop up good timing solid contact fastballs right down the middle or I would spike them into the ground right infront of the pitcher. No idea what was going on had 90 contact vs L and R. SO I took a break came back, changed my batting tape and decided to get right back into it and I had a 3 for 5 and kept tearing it up the rest of the year. I play on Veteran and I really don't know what causes it. I couldn't play on rookie, beginner anything. It was ridiculous lol.