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I need help with a huge Slump

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  • I need help with a huge Slump

    So I just started my fourth season. Since the third season, I've been playing 2B/SS/C for the DiamondBacks. Our team is doing horrible, going something like 52 - 87, I can't remember. Goldschmidt has left, and the new 1B is horrible. For the first 15 or so games I carried the team, hitting 11 homeruns, but then my bat just went horrible, I couldn't hit, everything was either foul, or straight to a fielder. On all other gamemodes I could hit fine, on DD I have a team batting average somewhere around high 300s. But whenever I play rtts, I just can't hit.

    I read about this automated slump thing where the game purposely makes you go into a slump, which makes sense to me, because I was doing so well, but without changing anything, it just got really hard all of a sudden. Even playing on rookie didn't help because everything was still a flyball or a groundout.

    My overall rating is 88, with great r power 88 and l contact 76. My pvis, disc and clutch are all above 80, pvis is 99.

    Is this automated slumps a thing? If so is there anyway to break them or get rid of them?

    I play on All-Star

    Edit: I forgot to mention that Goldschmidt left near around the middle of the third season, then we did a Giants and hit a huge losing streak. I had my good 15 games, but from then to 2nd month of 4th season, and spring training, I've been in a big slump.

    Any suggestions?
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    I have never experienced the "automated slump" after playing 17 seasons.
    Use zone hitting and never swing at the first pitch unless it is a fastball right down the middle.
    Run up the count to your favor by taking balls and fouling off pitches in the strike zone but not in YOUR zone. Swing at the pitches in your zone. You will either walk or make solid contact with the ball if you do this.


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      In my opinion, the hardest part of getting out of a slump is remaining patient. Everyone tends to start trying to force hits rather than taking good AB's once the batting average starts dropping lol. Just remain patient, approach every AB with a positive outlook rather than desperately seeking your next hit. Before you know it, you'll start racking up hits!