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Pitch training... for knuckleball?

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  • Pitch training... for knuckleball?

    How the hell am I supposed to ever paint a target with a knuckleball? More MLB The Show oversights coming your way!

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    have you ever actually gone into the command training. If you had you would notice that you never use your knuckleball. You use your secondary pitches. At first it be only your fast ball but in the later ones it will incorporate your other secondary pitch. So it is not a Show oversight but rather you opening mouth before putting mind in gear.


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      Interesting...I've always had an SP knuckleballer and figured they dropped it because it's hard to throw it to a particular location.I had an older version(12 maybe?)where I did have to train the knuckeball-it was very hard.Ironically since 14 it seems it goes more where I want it to go-not quite as random.