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Lazy devs code-in big games

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  • Lazy devs code-in big games

    Start a game with your pitcher, if youre getting dominated close the application and start the game again. You'll notice a pattern, its always gonna be a big game AKA many hits and runs against u no matter what ...

    This has been something I noticed since '14, they actually WANT you to do bad every now and then, and have coded it into the mechanics. 1.24 ERA but I can restart a game versus an opponent that seemed to get lucky with 7 runs and they will ALWAYS score similar amounts of runs.... 10-0 versus this team, they're not a pushover I just get work done, and suddenly they're hitting off me like I just got called up from little league? I'll play the same team later in the season and they won't TOUCH the score, but no matter how many resets on this one specific game it's always a big game...

    Lazy lazy LAZY coding.