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Can you get dropped back to the minors?

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  • Can you get dropped back to the minors?

    Hi, new poster here from sunny Western Australia, and have only recently started playing The Show. Loving the game.

    After a couple of lucky home runs and hits the dynamic difficulty settings for my RTTS jumped quickly from veteren to hall of fame. Now my guy sucks big time and has been for a while now. He's averaging .220 for the year and way less than that over the last ten games.

    My question is - if I keep sucking will I get dropped back to the minors? Cos this would be cool. Its realistic.

    The last baseball game I played before this was MLB 2k11 on the xbox 360 cos it was the only game on it.I actually thought that was a solid game for the time. I remember getting dropped back to the minors and having to fight my way back. I also remember the baserunning controls to be easier than the horrendous controls in The Show, and the fielding camera for outfielders in career player mode was much nicer too. But thats about it.....
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    The only demotion I've ever gotten was because an injured player came back from the disabled list and there wasn't a spot left for me on the 25-man roster even though I hadn't given up a run in about seven relief appearances. I do agree, though, that a performance-based demotion is cool and realistic if it does happen


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      It hasn't happened to me this year, but it has in the past due to my performance. So it is possible.


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        I'm ok with the baserunning, but the fielding in the outfield sucks sometimes. You don't always see the direction the ball is going and so it expects you to know and you get the error.


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          Yes, it can happen.