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How many stubs would it take to make a really good player?

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  • How many stubs would it take to make a really good player?

    I'm trying to play, do the market, and might also buy some to build up stubs. I already have a bunch, as well. I kind of want to do a new rtts player just for fun who is near-godly from the start. How many stubs would I need to make a player with important stats really high but with manageable stat decay that can be offset with stubs earned from regular rttts play.

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    It depends on exactly what you want. If you are looking to max out most every attribute it will cost thousands and thousands of stubs. Just to give you an idea, when you have a player maxed out after several years of play, it takes more than 4000 stubs just to refresh the attributes


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      I wouldn't waste stubs on the player himself but play the market to buy the best equipment and also make the player a switch hitter with multiple secondary positions. When I did that, I was called up to the majors within two years because you're getting more hitting opportunities.

      The new 15 power, 15 contact bat is fantastic as are other equipment items.