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Team control in RTTS mode

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  • Team control in RTTS mode

    Can anyone tell me if I can control my team ie can I trade players, get pitchers that do not suck etc. while playing road to the show mode?

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    No. In RTTS you only control your created player. All manager and GM decisions are AI controlled.


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      Also, as someone who has played RTTS almost a decade now, I can tell you that no matter what team you're on, the pitching staff (especially the bullpen) will, for the most part, suck. Bullpens struggle to hold leads, aces routinely have an era near 5.00 etc. Just an example, in 2015, i was on the Yankees. Tanaka, as my ace, went 9-17 with a 4.65 era. Midway through the following season, he gets traded to Boston with a 4.50 era and a losing record. In Boston, he got his era down a full point by the end of the year....following season, contract year, he wins the Cy Young at 21-6 with a 2.65 era. Signs back with the Yankees in the offseason....finishes that year 7-16 with a 5.40 era.

      I also had one season about where we signed Mike Trout, the reigning MVP and a 99 overall, to a 7 year deal in free agency (he was about 26-27 years old). Spring training comes along and I'm hoping for some big power production to get me some runs (i was a pitcher) and i looked at my lineup.......Trout was a 69 overall.


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        Oh, if I had a dollar for all the times my LF toon has jumped the yard, gone back into the dugout, walked over to the pitcher and said, "There's your mulligan, now don't (blank) this up again," I could buy the launch day Hall of Fame edition.



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          I've made a SP and only play games when he pitches in franchise.