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    you guys have any tips for someone thats just starting. what position is it easiest to make it to the big leagues

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    Position doesn't matter, it is what team drafts you. If the team that drafts you has good players ahead of you in your position it could take a while. The other thing that is important is to build up your attributes.


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      Couple of things to keep in mind, in addition to pogi's good advice.

      As far as what position is easiest: the short version is that the infield is more complicated to play, but has less variance from field to field. Outfield tends to be simpler to play, but stadium architecture is much more of a concern.

      If you have absolutely no clue where to start, LF or RF tend to be good starting points, and you get a bit more power to start. Being able to jump the yard will turn heads, even if you borrow Keith Moreland's glove. CF starts with an emphasis on speed, which can pay dividends on the base paths: base stealers tend to get more AB's, and thus more chances to impress.

      If you need an introduction to the infield, start with 1B or 3B. 2B and SS are trials by fire if you're not familiar with the positions.

      That said, keep a broad secondary position: If you're a natural RF, but there are a lot of injuries in LF, you might get an injury call-up if you have a secondary position of any OF.

      Overall, though, the fastest way to get there is to do your best in every game. If you're too good to ignore, the big club will either find you a spot, or trade you. I've only had one toon get demoted after being dealt once he got to Triple-A, and the Brewers paid him back for that--with interest--when he eventually got called up straight from Biloxi.


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        My personal favorite position is CF especially since last year, diving catches werent so rare. Infield, SS is good if you like setting up double plays. 1B is good for training points but its pretty boring.


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          My advice. Don't worry about how fast you can make it to the big leagues. Pick a position that you'll enjoy, one that you'll be good at. Be open to playing for any team and just enjoy the ride.