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  • Big head mode GLITCH

    Okay so I've played this game extensively since it came out, had several different RTTS careers on various teams, done two franchise modes, and played conquest and DD a ton.

    Just started a new RTTS career as a closing pitcher for the Cubs. It's 2017 in the career and I'm in the majors, and now for some reason my player occasionally has a MASSIVE head. Like completely disproportionate to the rest of his body. I didn't design him this way, and usually it is fine. The game seems to trigger the glitch when I play a game and then click the "Play Next Game" option and go straight to the next game in the series without returning to the menu. The performance doesn't seem to be affected whatsoever, other that me looking like a deformed cartoon character.

    In all my playing I've never seen this happen. Has anyone else seen this? I'm playing on a regular PS4, digital download version, RTTS closer career on Chi Cubs and year is 2017.

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    I don't have your "Big Head" problem (that sounded like I'm being a smart a$$ but I'm not, it's just a bizarre problem that you're having) but there are glitches going on in the RTTS right now.

    I've played it in every version of the Show since 2013 and all of a sudden today, you can't load your equipment. I played on the 11th and didn't check ... who knows if I was back to basic equipment then? My player is 40 and has never won the WS -- we lost 4 to 2 and I wonder if the game had removed the equipment which is frustrating. The only other time I've seen the equipment lost is when there is a problem signing in and "online features are disabled" until they fix the issue. Then you go in and reassign the equipment but this is different: there is no login problem and the equipment not only doesn't show up, if it does, you can't add it.

    I spent a lot of money and time acquiring the best equipment like the 15 Power, 15 Contact bat, the best cleats, eyewear, rituals etc. I've got the best in every category and now we can't access it? Is this a glitch? Not very happy about it after suffering through getting knocked out repeatedly in the WS with my current players and I'll have to retire him soon.