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    You should be able to fire these frauds. Every single year my team has one of the best offense in the game (thanks to me I might add) But the pitching staff is consistently bottom 5. Sick and tired of having to score 7-8 runs a game to even have a chance.

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    I agree. I am fed up with RTTS after years of playing and trying every way to win. You can have the Number 1 ranked team in the league but in the playoffs, a team ranked 15th who snuck in by the wild card game will score 6, 7, 8 (or more) runs in the late innings no matter what you do. Junk pitchers who should be in the minors beat aces. You can bat and field spectacularly ... but it makes no difference because even if you make it to the WS, it will happen once out of 20 years. All the others, you will lose no matter how well you play.

    It's such a fantastic game EXCEPT for the programming of the managers and opposition.


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      AI game management is said to be improved so this years RTTS mode should be much improved when it comes to the manager making decisions on things like when to go to the bullpen and who to bring in. Can't wait to see how it all plays out.