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I keep receiving the same award before every game.

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  • I keep receiving the same award before every game.

    Hi all.

    In RTTS 16, my closer got Delivery Man of the Year award for the AL. It was presented to him before his first appearance the following year, but now it keeps showing the same clip of him being presented the award BEFORE EVERY APPEARANCE.

    Any fixes?

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    I think I have a similar problem. The first time I step up to the plate in each game, the announcer keeps saying that I won the Silver Slugger award the previous year. Especially during Spring Training.


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      Yeah its something that I don't think they were ever able to fix. I believe this is for every home game as I believe nadasfan has a pitcher named Billie Bravo that won the Cy Young and he has the same scene in a lot of his videos and makes mention of it. Hopefully they fixed it this year and if you win an award from the previous year they'll only show it the one time.

      I'm also hoping they fix who wins a little more. I see they did a much improved job on Gold Glove winners but I got robbed of the AL MVP after a .600+ avg 100 hr 200+ rbi season (yeah it got unrealistic stats wise but that was due to multiple multi HR games)... I did my calculations... 3.1 ab per team games played and I should have qualified for MVP and battling title... oh well... time to up this difficulty and see if I can have a season half as good as that one.