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  • RTTS Issues

    Question, for this year's rtts will there be a choice to turn off the ball halo? Also, when playing this mode will there be a choice to see all result plays without having to watch every pitch?.... Btw, on play by play mode, my team never steal bases, runners don't advance/score on ground balls and it seems like 50% of the time I get stranded at 3rd because my teammates strike out or hit a pop up. Can't be that hard to add hose details in this years game.

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    Pretty sure there's not one person on these forums that can answer these. Other than the ghost devs.


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      Hmmmmmmm... rttts on MLB 14 had these options. Simple baseball stuff. Ground out to 2B with a man on 2nd with less than two outs, the runner should advance. And that ball halo is a pain to play with