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RTTS SP warmup question

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  • RTTS SP warmup question

    At some point my SP can no longer warm up (8 pitches) when playing away.He always gets the option when at home.I'm pretty sure I used to be able to warm up wherever we were playing.Anyone know the setting?

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    To my knowledge, when pitching away games you don't have that option because, and I am assuming, it is to simulate the challenges of pitching away by not allowing you to build your confidence up beyond normal, or if you look at it another way it is to give you an advantage when pitching at home.


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      nah its just how the flow of the game is for RTTS, when you first go into the game as the home pitcher it goes in the flow of the intro to the game showing team run onto the field, the lineups, the pitchers stats and after you finish warming up the first batter comes to the plate, as the away pitcher after all of the introductions it will go to the first batter you face (or it'll go to your first atbat if you come up to hit in the bottom of the 1st)... so yeah its just how the game flows in RTTS mode