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What to do when I get disconnected or PSN error and I get an automatic loss.

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  • What to do when I get disconnected or PSN error and I get an automatic loss.

    I am so fed up with this. MLB the show has never fixed one of my game griefs. Is their a better route to go to solve this?

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    I should also state that I have very solid internet


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      The KIDS are doing something.
      How fun? I'll never get it: spend good $ ( or mommy does )to sit there and chase fake & non prized numbers but have no fun?
      Just Children of the corn.!

      ( rule of thumb just never play fools with huge winning records and isolate the kids . in baseball there's s no records like that so why should there be n a SiM game? There's not.. Its the hocus pocus idiots and their self absorbed under achiever entitlements way, who ...Assume that a number suddenly grows a child balls!
      Yes I'm a victim of the glitch wins galore also )
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        Hunter, if you are getting PSN errors (the dreaded blue screen) try making sure that all ports necessary to run the game are open on your router. You should be able to google what ports need open, and then you have to log in to your router to open them. If you have no idea how to do this, search google/youtube and it's relatively easy to find walkthroughs to guide you. I had blue screen issues last year on a very consistent basis at the beginning of the season but if you do this, it should definitely help.