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Recent classic stadiums for mlb 13 the show

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  • Recent classic stadiums for mlb 13 the show

    I was thinking of ideas for mlb 13 the show and this may be a little too much to ask for but i think that more recent classic stadiums would be cool. Like they could add Old Busch Stadium, Astrodome, Veterans Stadium, Memorial Stadium, Candlestick Park, Milwaukee County Stadium, Qualcomm stadium and stuff like that. These old stadiums dont have much detail so i wouldnt think it would be to hard

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    even if it were DLC & you had to pay $5 a stadium, I'd still buy about 20-25 stadiums if they would offer 'em.
    Sadly, I don't expect any more to be available before Show14.


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      I would REALLY like some more classic stadiums. They are a really fun part of the game to me. I would mind paying 5 dollars for maybe 5 more stadiums.

      It would be cool to have a dome, and the Astrodome is a classic.
      Tigers Stadium is a stadium that is so popular it has to be one
      I think like a retro Fenway or retro Yankee Stadium would be really cool!!!!!!
      Ebbets Field
      Another turf field, maybe Three Rivers or Kingdome

      All of these sound fun and trust me, many people will $pay$ for thi$ awe$ome addition!
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        candlestick park!!!
        3X CHAMPS in 5 YEARS = DYNASTY!!


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          I'd pay for The 'Stick!
          Follow my Franchise


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            I think they should find a way for classic ballparks to be supported in all modes first.

            I'm sure there's a small percentage of us but there are some players that don't play Franchise mode.
            Ballpark Dimensions


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              The Kingdome. You know you want it!


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                Originally posted by RyanKlesko View Post
                The Kingdome. You know you want it!
                You mean:


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                  the Kingdome would be awesome. Griffey's old stomping ground

                  how bout the old Astrodome?? playing thru that crazy astroturf would be pretty interesting on ball physics...

                  oh, and Candlestick Park! of course! the windiest park ever should create havok on fly balls. i would love this classic park to be in the game...
                  3X CHAMPS in 5 YEARS = DYNASTY!!


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                    That's the spirit!
                    I think some of the game designers could have a lot of fun with some of these stadiums. (in a 100-hour work week kind of of way, heh heh )