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  • Rivalry Mode

    Will rivalry mode still be in the PS3 Mlb 14 the show version?

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    I haven't heard anything from it. If it is then it's not one of the more popular modes, cause it is not in the official MLB 14 trailer
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      Rivalry mode ps4

      I have to say I am very disappointed that rivalry mode is not in the PS3 version of the show. It was a feature I enjoyed very much. I want to know if this feature will be in the PS4 version since i will be trading my PS3 in when the show is released for PS4. To be completely honest the only reason why I still have a playstation is for mlb the show and I have to be honest I don't know if I will be returning to the show if rivalry mode is not in this game anymore.

      A very unhappy customer

      So plain an simple my question is WHERE IS RIVALRY MODE!?!?!?


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        Why don't you just play an online franchise? Look at it as an enhanced rivalry mode.


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          Why it's not the same is bc what I use rivalry mode for is me an my brother make up fantasy teams through roster control and play each other. And rivalry is a cool feature while we do that bc it keep track of the players stats and what not. I am a huge show player to the point where I legit burnt the game out last year. But that really doesn't answer my original question of will the PS4 version have it ??


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            I haven't heard anything, but your explanation makes sense. My brother was never into baseball, and now that I'm living on my own, i play online mostly. I never understood rivalry mode a whole lot until you just explained it that way. Sounds fun.


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              Make a download for rivalry mode for 14. I have been buying this game for 6 years for rivalry mode only. I'm sure i am not the only one. Won't be buying another one. Anyone want a cheap copy of 14?


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                No Rivalry Mode in PS4

                I was also extremely disappointed about Rivalry Mode being removed from MLB 14. I purchased PS4 specifically for MLB 14. I'm certainly pleased with the upgraded graphics, but most of my games played in previous years were in Rivalry mode with my brother/friends. This was the ideal game mode for in-person head-to-head action, especially when you wanted to play multiple games (and keep stats).

                Any chance this game mode can be added via a patch or game update?


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                  Ever since the show series came out, I had a friend who came over weekly and we'd play rivalry mode against each other. It was great. We could play a best of 82 game series with stats recorded. We have long standing records/stats that we will never forget. My favorite one was Doug Mirabelli (backup Red Sox catcher who always caught Wakefield) hitting 16 homers one rivalry.

                  Either way, I'm disappointed that it's gone. Now we can't keep the tradition going.


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                    I am also very bummed that Rivalry Mode has been skipped this year. I have a buddy who comes over all the time and we spent most of our summer last year playing different 29 game rivalries. Putting custom roster teams together to make each rivalry different in ways. And under 25 rivalry... an over 30 rivalry... sub 90 overall rivalries... adding only 4 players to a certain team to make them better.... so many different ways.

                    Exhibition games are boring. You always face the best 8 hitters and usually the best pitchers. And if you get to the starter early, why not bring in another starter? Even if you don't, you can always throw the best of your bullpen never worrying about fatigue or wearing down the arms for the next game. Your #3 hitter will never have to sit out a game.

                    The most use of our game comes from this mode, RTTS, and the old Offline Franchise. (I still don't know what I'm going to do with a Franchise, yet.)

                    My wife and I each have our own RTTS, I play Franchise, and we usually have rivalries against each other and I have one with my friend. We have another friend who has been coming over a lot recently and he couldn't wait to start a rivalry against me. Now I have to tell him that it is not possible.

                    Anyone have ideas on the best way to replace this, now? Postseason mode? it's not the same... but could it be as interesting?

                    If they did anything with Rivalry this year... I was hoping they would add an online Rivalry Mode to this year's game. Then i could play with my brother who lives 2 1/2 hours away from me.

                    Bring back Rivalry Mode, please.

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                      I too am very P.O.ed that Rivalry mode is not on the MLB 14 The Show. The Show is the only game I get every year for the Playstation. I just bought a PS4 last week so I can enjoy the game more with better graphics and other improvements, just to be very disappointed to find Rivalry was not on the game. My wife and I would put together teams of created players of our Friends and Family and mix in some MLB guys with our teams and play. We have enjoyed playing Rivalries together since we were first dating back in 2008 and have still enjoyed playing Rivalries thru our married years as well. It has really made me regret wasting the money upgrading to the PS4 since The Show is the only game we really ever play.


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                        I can't believe there is no rivalry mode. One of the main reasons I bought the game. Very very disappointed


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                          I think about this all of the time... we wish we had Rivalry Mode back in our home...

                          please please please

                          Raise the Jolly Roger: A Pittsburgh Pirates Franchise N'at