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  • Experience The Postseason in The Show

    Hey virtual baseball fans, this is Clayton Read, Associate Producer on the The Show, here to discuss MLB 13 The Show’s brand new Postseason Mode. In this blog, we’ll dive into what this new mode has to offer and touch on the specific improvements True Broadcast Presentations 2.0 has made towards truly capturing the postseason atmosphere and immersing you, the user, in the playoff excitement.

    Located within the game modes section, the postseason has been brought to the forefront of the game by giving you direct access to the all-new mode. The mode offers you the choice of playing with one team, or up to all 10, giving you the choice to play with your friends. You’ll notice on entry to the mode that the team select screen will be populated with the previous year’s postseason teams, including the new Wild Card round, giving you the ability to jump right in to recreating the 2012 fall classic. You still have the ability to choose any team you like, or you can press square and randomize the teams. After selecting the teams to participate, you’ll be presented with the mode options that support customizing round lengths, the stadium choice, and DH rule settings. Additionally, the mode supports single player, head-to-head play, co-op, and the use of your PlayStation®Move motion controller.
    Once in the mode, you can view the brackets throughout all menus and on the schedule, view player statistics, and make roster related changes. The same roster rules apply as in the full season-based modes postseason; you can only move players around prior to the start of any series, unless a player is injured beyond a day-to-day injury during that series. All of this is geared towards providing you a quick and fun experience, while fast tracking you to October baseball.

    As you load into a postseason game, whether through the stand-alone mode or in any of our season-based modes, you’ll notice immediately this year’s look and feel has been completely restructured to provide our most authentic postseason broadcast to date. True Broadcast Presentations 2.0, and MLB 13 The Show, has put a heavy emphasis on the postseason in our continued quest to blur the line between reality and The Show. Until now we haven't even approached satisfaction when it comes to our Postseason stadium ambiance and big game atmosphere. This year's addition of new big game music, hundreds of scenes, thousands of presentations, additional actors (including on-field reporters and cameramen), special jumbotron movies, postseason unique OSDs and a vastly expanded pregame and postgame situation tree has allowed MLB 13 The Show to take a huge step forward in our twofold approach of truly immersing the user in the moment during the pregame while satisfyingly rewarding the user once the final pitch has been thrown. Now, more than ever, the user will feel the difference between the Regular Season and the Postseason...and increasingly strive for a taste of the new postseason celebrations.

    The Show team spent days and days in the MOCAP studio capturing thousands of animations to use in our postseason presentation expansion. We literally sacrificed our bodies in the hopes of truly capturing the excitement that ensues after winning the World Series and other big games. Those dog piles are dangerous folks . The animations we captured turned into hundreds of scenes and those scenes turned into thousands of new presentations. Add new cameras to the mix, including on-field views from our new cameramen, and the pregame festivities and postgame celebrations are a whole new level of rewarding with their continuity, realism and atmosphere. Even better is the new level of variety MLB 13 The Show offers so far as unique pregame and postgame sequences. We created a complex new situation tree to handle different pregame festivities as well as the thousands of different scenarios for how a baseball game can end. From game one of the ALDS (and its player introductions, national anthem scenes, home team taking the field, pans of the on-field playoff logos, etc.) to a walk-off home run to win the World Series (and its mob celebration at home plate, player of the game interview, on-field camera shots from the cameraman, trophy presentation, etc.)…well, we’ve got it all covered in a fashion unique to the situation.

    As mentioned earlier, we’ve added some amazing new music to enhance the distinction between the postseason (and other big games) and a standard regular season game. This new music supports the tension and vibrant atmosphere that surrounds a postseason series. Composed by Christopher Stevens, it is reminiscent of baseball/sports themes, but a more dramatic, orchestral arrangement of that style. Live orchestra was recorded as well as drums, bass, and guitar. The new music immediately lets you know it's the playoffs and adds more excitement to postseason mode.

    Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the MLB 13 The Show’s postseason with its intense crowd on their feet as the camera pans the stadium, its starting pitchers warming up in the bullpen, thunder sticks being thumped as the home team takes the field, on-field cameramen capturing close-ups of the chaotic postgame celebrations, and on and on. Play with passion and keep an eye out for new MLB The Show updates on our developer blog at, and
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    While I have yet to play online, I haven't had any problems, other than learning the newer controls.


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      Postseason mode looks great! Haven't had a chance to try it out though. RTTS and Online Home Run Derby are so addicting!
      Yes, I'm a 'Stros fan.


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        Postseason Mode

        I love the mode. Thanks for creating it, much easier than simulating a season to create the playoff matchups. I have a few concerns though:

        1. I think on the AL side, the homefield advantage is incorrect for the divisional matchup with the Wild Card team winner. The Wild Card team got the homefield advantage than the #1 seed.

        2. What determines homefield advantage in the World Series?

        Thanks again for making a beautiful baseball game year end and year out.


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          Originally posted by anthonyf105 View Post
          2. What determines homefield advantage in the World Series?
          The league that wins the All Star Game.


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            This is postseason mode though, there's no all star game to play.


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              Originally posted by anthonyf105 View Post
              This is postseason mode though, there's no all star game to play.
              The NL won the ASG in 2012 so I assume they go by last years winner getting home field advantage.


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                Post Season

                Hey guys, if you have noticed MLB has increased in revenue the last two-three years. Which means baseball is growing again.

                I would like to see an implementation of the sports popularity triggered by the winners and losers. If a historically winner say Pittsburgh starts winning again, the state then increases follows and the numbers as well grow due to more in tuned fans. Follow suit if a winner say LAD, or ANA, start losing and the fan base dips, after a few seasons. And the fans begin to shift loyalty and support. Some show up withh bags on their faces. Etc.