Dev Journal: Online Leagues Overhaul
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Game designer Lance Leahy explains some of the improvements to Online Leagues in The Show. MLB 13 The Show is the highest rated and most authentic baseball game returns better than ever. MLB 13 The Show is in stores now.

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Lance you certainly are MTS League Aficionado. The League Guru... This year we gotta do the All Analog Asylum Dev Duel. This particular blog really has surpassed all of past years work. Your voice is now a youtube sensation.

- League Creation Tools Revamped
- Real Season Schedules,
- Customizable & Simplified Input
- Newly added League Filters
- Presentation Pkgs part of Leagues
- League Pick up Games

and so much more.. Great & Informative Blog Video.. League owners/players should rejoice

Stepping Into a On Deck Circle Near You! March 31st 2015
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Im dancing in the street now just need my copy. MLB 14 league franchise and we are set

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Default league

The best game ever made just got better. Great job on this!!\
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Three things I've noticed about online leagues.

1. In former years you could see league settings before accepting invites. It seem a lot of people are joining leagues, going to see settings then quitting when they find the settings not to their liking.

2. In drafts and trade menus, when asking for additional stats (triangle) all that is seen are 2013 stats and skill bars. Especially in draft this is useless as the stats are all .000. In years past we could see the past few season, and more importantly career stats.

3. In trades and free agent screen we can no longer seek out specific positions. So if you're seeking for a specific player you've got to scroll through all players to find them. Its really inconvenient.

Have you put any thought into trading block for online leagues? Letting the rest of the players know what you want in return ie. power, back end pitching, speed ...
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Default I cannot wait

for mlb 14, i hope they take all these suggestions to heart
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