News: ESPN: Hunter Pence talks video games, Giants
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Hunter Pence grins as he watches his cyber-self strut to the batter’s box in “MLB 13: The Show.”

“They beasted me out,” he tells me with a laugh, proud to see his character captured so accurately, from his high socks to his quirky batting stance. “This year, they went all-out on my character. They were definitely kind to me. It’s the best I’ve ever looked in a video game.”

All that’s missing are the Pence sermons in the dugout to pump up his virtual teammates.

“Maybe next year,” says “The Show” community specialist, Ramone Russell, minutes after demoing the game to Pence on AT&T Park’s JumboTron.

“Besides, that was last year, this game is based on the 2013 season,” Pence says. “I just hope I can live up to how great they made me in this game.”



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